Drawing inspiration from the mountainous ranges of their homes in Germany and California, Daisy Hook and Amanda Swain present ‘Gathering’, a site-specific installation which convenes the various realms of sculpture, architecture, and furniture. ‘Gathering’ consists of a family of objects that when experienced together form an other-worldly meeting place to be enjoyed alone or with others, in which each object can be moved by the users and arranged as preferred. The family of objects is composed of (2) Waxed Fabric Screens - Enclosure, (1) Long Hydrocal Bench - Seating, (1) Small Papier-Mâché Seat, and (1) Wax Candle - Illumination Ritual. The arrangement of these pieces is left to the users with the central candle acting as a ritual piece meant to unite and bring warmth and light.

This installation was the result of a 3 year conversation between Hook and Swain, where even though they found themselves living on in different parts of the world, they recognized their shared attraction to the soft rising and falling of earth, and the soothing colors that emerge through the varying depths in the natural mountainous landscape to which they both individually return to find solace. It was their intent to apply their architectural backgrounds and through the exploration of form and material, to create a spatial response that embodied the shared feeling of this landscape. Initially, they worked from a photograph they took of their selected mountain ranges that had left a deep impression on them and used the outline of those combined mountain ranges to inform the curves and shapes of their family of objects. Captured at dawn, in the transition from dark to light, each object was illuminated and colored by the light of the rising sun. Light itself became a medium and was the most important component alongside the user to ‘activate’ the scene. The carefully positioned screens act as an augmentation of the landscape, merging the curves of the mountains with the natural backdrop, thereby creating the perception of a new horizon, leaving the users wondering if they are indeed looking at an existing mountain range or something else entirely. ‘Gathering’ is Amanda Swain and Daisy Hook’s first realized installation in an ongoing collaboration between the two RISD Interior Architecture Alum. It was fabricated in the span of 2 weeks and installed at sunrise on a California Beach.
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